Adjuncts are forming unions in St. Louis

St. Louis Symposium

Adjuncts in St. Louis – like adjuncts everywhere – know that work doesn’t stop at the classroom door, but pay and benefits often do. We believe that by forming a union with SEIU, we can build a strong voice to raise professional standards and improve the quality of education.

Being a university professor, once the quintessential middle-class job, has become a low-wage one.St. Louis is no exception. A recent white paper found:

— An adjunct teaching 12 courses a year—an extraordinary course load—may have an annual income of $32,400.
— An adjunct professor must teach between eight to thirteen classes a year to afford a home and utilities in St. Louis
— An adjunct professor would need to teach up to six classes per year to cover the cost of groceries for a family.
— An adjunct professor would need to teach four to seven classes to afford care for chest pain at certain St. Louis hospitals.
— An adjunct professor would need to teach one and a half to two classes to cover the cost of automobile expenses, gasoline and a monthly transit pass.
— The average cumulative student loan debt for individuals with a master’s degree is $40,208, and $58,967 for individuals with a doctorate. An adjunct professor would need to teach two to three classes per year just to cover student loan payments.

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