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The Campus Accountability Project

Learn more about Adjunct Action’s Campus Accountability Project to investigate faculty working conditions and advocate for improvements.


Adjunct  Organizing Webinars

Did you miss our organizing bootcamp, the series of webinars on the present and future of adjunct organizing? Click to watch.

Adjunct Action News

  • sos-facebook

    Take on Phoenix: #StudentsNotStadiums

    With the Super Bowl coming up we thought we’d share some not so super facts about the University of Phoenix: Each year, the number of dropouts from the University of Phoenix could fill more than five Super Bowl XLIX stadiums. These students are left with crippling student loan debt and no credentials to show for it. Students who have […]
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  • sotu_slide_audience

    President Obama’s Community College Proposal: Big Step for Students and Highlights Faculty Needs

    On January 20, during his State of the Union speech to Congress and all Americans, President Obama boldly declared America’s community colleges are a gateway for the middle class.Students who want to get ahead are drowning in debt before they can even gain a footing in our economy, so President Obama’s community college proposal to […]
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  • WashU victory photo

    Adjunct Faculty at Washington University in St. Louis Form Union

    Adjunct professors at Washington University in St. Louis have voted to join adjunct faculty at schools across the country in SEIU/Adjunct Action. Over 400 faculty members won their union today as ballots were counted at the National Labor Relations Board office in St. Louis. The victory is the first in St. Louis and a step forward to improve […]
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The Discussion Forums

Join the conversation: through the web, adjunct faculty from across the country are coming together to find creative solutions to the issues related to academic contingency. Start a discussion today, and start finding the solutions together.

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Across the country a nationwide movement of adjunct faculty are joining together to improve higher education by working to create better working conditions for themselves and better learning conditions for their students.

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