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The Campus Accountability Project

Learn more about Adjunct Action’s Campus Accountability Project to investigate faculty working conditions and advocate for improvements.


Adjunct  Organizing Webinars

Did you miss our organizing bootcamp, the series of webinars on the present and future of adjunct organizing? Click to watch.

Adjunct Action News

  • Students at Bankrupt For-Profit Deserve Better

    This week, Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit higher education company, announced the controversial sale of 56 campuses to one of the Department of Education’s largest loan guarantors and debt collectors, Educational Credit Management Corporation. Earlier this year Corinthian nearly went bankrupt and the Department of Education decided it was too big to fail. Through emergency aid worth […]
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    Vermont Adjunct Faculty Vote to Form a Union

    Adjunct professors at Burlington and Champlain colleges have voted overwhelmingly to join adjunct faculty at schools across the country in SEIU/Adjunct Action, with 80% at Champlain College (118 to 30) and 85% at Burlington College (23 to 4) adjunct faculty voting yes to a union. The vote was a significant step forward for adjuncts in Vermont who […]
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    Bringing Adjunct Power to Washington DC

    Respect. Visibility. Security. Adjunct Action unites professors at campuses across the country to build power and change the broken systems. On October 28, SEIU Associate General Counsel Maryann Parker and Adjunct Action Policy Director Steve Hill brought one element of the broken system to the attention of the U.S. Department of Labor.They were joined by […]
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The Discussion Forums

Join the conversation: through the web, adjunct faculty from across the country are coming together to find creative solutions to the issues related to academic contingency. Start a discussion today, and start finding the solutions together.

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Across the country a nationwide movement of adjunct faculty are joining together to improve higher education by working to create better working conditions for themselves and better learning conditions for their students.

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